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What is included with Dharma Studio Pro?
What is included with Dharma Studio Pro?
What benefits do I get by upgrading to a Pro account?
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You can upgrade to a Pro User account at any time to access the complete suite of tutorials from KSHMR and other Dharma artists, sound packs, templates, demo feedback and more to help you become the best producer you can be.

Pro users can benefit from:

  • Access to all video content including:

    • Dharma Essentials with KSHMR

    • Lessons of KSHMR

    • Lessons of Dharma

    • Lessons of Dharma: Masterclass

  • Detailed feedback on demos (within 14 days)

  • 20% off Sounds of KSHMR

  • 20-50% off partner Sound Packs

  • 50% off Dharma Sound Packs

  • Early ticket access/Discounts on Dharma events

  • Priority chat support

Click here for more information on Pro accounts:

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